Israir A320-232

Israir A320-232


(By Łukasz Stawiarz on, click on the image for the source)

Israir is an Israeli airline based in Tel Aviv. It has hubs in Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport and Eliat Ramon Airport (not in IF). Their A320s and ATRs fly to 26 destinations around Israel and Europe. They have a current fleet of 4 A320s, each with an International Aero Engine IAE V2527-A5.

We should have this livery to fly from Israel with more than one airline based in the country. This would be especially nice to have when Eliat Ramon Airport gets added in the game, when scenery becomes available.

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Amazing Livery Mate!

@Zachary you know I gotta tag you, check it out!


You might wanna vote for it your self @dca.iad.aviation :).

I don’t have any votes left but I am in the same boat as you!


Eliat Ramon has been added to the navigation database, so this livery is even more relevant!

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Bump! Really want this livery in our game.

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more israeli airlines are needed in the game, i might revoke a vote for this


Let’s get this livery to connect Israel to the world!

Let’s bump this please