Israir A320-232 W/ (sharklets)

picture not mine credits Michael Pavlotski-Bamesberger Link-

i know this is requested as the normal a 320 with no sharlets but i think this looks great with the sharklets
in my opinion this looks much better

It’s a nice design on the rear of the fuselage. It’s a little plain but overall, it’s great.


I personally feel like we actually do need a bit more Middle Eastern based carriers within the [Infinite Flight] ( mobile simulator itself in its full fledged entirety for an overall better global experience.


Joins the reques tvery
Love Israir


Last time there were so many new liveries A320… may be it is possible to add this livery?

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I might spare a vote for this. This should be released with the Aegean A320 and the Webjet B738!


From 04/2017 were so many updates, many liveries were added… but this one wasn’t… Israir do flights from Israel to all Europe. Yes, we have B738 ElAl, but if we’ll have this one, there will be choice between B738 (ElAl) and A320 (Israir) during flights from Israel to Europe.
The same about Arkia.

Bro , i want ask something
How to create a vote topic ? In my option just General, Live ,Fligh Grup, Support , Third part

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It’s in features

If you are new in forum, it can be the reason that you can not to create a vote topic, I think.

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That’s true

The blue colour and the orange star in the tail are amazing.🙂

Didn’t have a free vote for this.

Guys please help us to add this livery to IF🙏🙏🙏

Israir announces it will launch Tel Aviv-Abu Dhabi route ( )
May be it will help to add this livery?