Israeli Escort with @Tyler_Shelton

Israeli Escort with @Tyler_Shelton


It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Yesterday (04.01.21), I was informed that @Tyler_Shelton was departing TLV/LLBG. Of course, I could not miss the opportunity to fly with him. However, unfortunately, I could not fly the entire route (LLBG-FSIA). So, the next best option was to escort the one and only N1TJ! Enjoy!


Server: Expert
Route: LLBG-N/A
Flight Number: N/A
Flight Time: N/A

After a sharp turn 'n burn, we’re off!

Might have steered away from the departure procedure, but it’s okay!

“N1TJ, you’ve been intercepted.”

I bet this caused some panic in the cabin!

I don’t understand how these three shots were taken. I don’t recall anyone following me…

“N1TJ, cleared out of Israeli airspace.”

Thanks for viewing my photos! Feedback is always appreciated. Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and happy spring break (for those that have one)!


Really Nice pictures! :)

Thanks, Nightt! ❤️

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Amazing shots Zack, I am really saddened when politics infiltrates a aviation forum. Again amazing shots and hope you had a great flight.


General Comment: You know, it’s a shame to see that what’s supposed to be an inviting and welcoming aviation community can’t look at 10 photos and enjoy them.

I am a huge supporter of having your own views. If you think that Israel is Palestine, fine. I don’t care. But when you go on my topic, clear that I am a Jew who wants one damn person to respect that, and crap on my country, not only do I question you, but I lose respect for you.

I seriously encourage every single individual to think about what they say and how that will effect someone else. I’ve been bullied and harassed for a multitude of reasons, and the last thing I want is for that to happen on an online forum. Think people, think.

I want no further replies on this thread regarding anything other than the photos above. Thank you.


Thanks, @Average_Gamer! I really appreciate that! ❤️


No worries, just doing my part to make sure the community is a safe and welcoming place.


Great photos! Must have been fun!


The Military testing their new Stealth Survelliance Drone will love to hear this!

Lovely pictures, looks like you had fun!


Nice pics!!!


Nice shots!

This one is amazing! Perfect angle.

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There are amazing pictures! Really sorry for people ruining the IFC😢


Thanks for the love, all! ❤️❤️

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Do y’all do this on expert?

Yes, this was done on the Expert Server. I had explicit permission from Tyler to approach his aircraft.

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