Israeli Air Defense Force F-16

The IDF is one of the most Professional air forces in the World and unlike most air forces which just have plain grey aircraft Israel likes to have fun with the paint can They really like to do this with the F-16 the 16 is one of there Primarily aircraft has had multiple kills and lots of success with the IDF please vote above image

Well, there’s already a similar request, but it’s been there for 2 years. However, there are already 3 votes casted. If I were you, I would continue there. I have also changed the tag to livery to make it easy for the developers to spot it! 😉

Your call though. In cases like this one, it’s better to contact the moderation team first and ask them to close the previous topic.

I couldn’t find it I looked

But then again this is the one without the external fuel tanks so maybe they could have them separately and The current request is the I version with external fuel tanks

I know, has happened at least 2 times to everyone here. No worries!

The topic I linked includes the external fuel tanks as well. 🤘

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