Israel & UAE Sign Peace Agreement Paving The Way For Direct Flights

Israel and the UAE have agreed to fully normalize relations.

This is a massive and historic event between the two countries. If you’d like to read more about the peace agreement, search it up since this will focus on the aviation perspective.

This diplomatic breakthrough will facilitate peace in the Middle East, and both countries are expected to meet in the coming weeks to sign bilateral agreements.

One of these agreements includes the addition of direct flights between Israel and the UAE

Delegations from Israel and the United Arab Emirates will meet in the coming weeks to sign bilateral agreements regarding investment, tourism, direct flights, security, telecommunications, technology, energy, healthcare, culture, the environment, the establishment of reciprocal embassies, and other areas of mutual benefit.

If you didn’t already know, there are no scheduled flights between the two countries due to historic travel restrictions:

  • The UAE didn’t allow Israeli citizens or anyone suspected of being an Israeli citizen into the country aside from transiting.
  • The UAE banned Israeli aircraft from flying over its airspace
  • The UAE banned its own aircraft and citizens from entering Israel

Presumably, these restrictions should be lifted and pave the way for direct flights between the two countries. Previously, if you wanted to fly from the UAE to Israel or the other way, you had to connect through another country.

In May, Etihad Airways operated the first known flight from the UAE to Israel, carrying medical supplies to assist the country. In June, they operated a second direct flight.

Now, with the two countries set to sign agreements for direct flights, this could allow airlines such as EL AL, Emirates, Etihad, FlyDubai, and more to capture the market and use their hubs to connect passengers.

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Israir TLV-DXB:

You could apply this to Infinite Flight meaning it’ll soon be “realistic” to use EL AL aircraft in Dubai, Emirates aircraft in Tel Aviv, etc.

Update 9/10/20:

Israir has secured slots for Tel Aviv to Dubai starting October on the A320. Still awaiting final approval.


That is very interesting. Sour relations are sweetening for once, which is lovely to see.

I’ll be curious to see what the rest of the Arab League will think, which may be a gateway for the allowance of flights between Israel and the Arab nations


Great and interesting news. Hopefully a step towards peace in this region.
And hopefully no flag because dude, that topic is political xD


All RWA posts are moderator approved to my knowledge. Not to worry 🙃


This is certainly good news to see. I’m glad to see some steps/progress being made to strengthen a more friendly relationship in the region.


It could either end well or remain just as tense as before. If the rest of the Arab League like what’s happening, that’s good. If not, bad news for Israel and the UAE.


This post was clearly approved by a moderator if it’s in this category. I think it’s okay since it’s not talking in a negative manner, and has to do with aviation.

Thank you for the great read, @Ishrion. Saw this earlier and it made my day!


As @Z-Tube says, This News literally made my day! I’m really happy that we’re gonna get to see flights between these two countries. I’m excited to see what the future holds, because of the COVID-19 scenario, I had to cut my trip to Israel short, but now, I can go to Israel and Dubai in the same trip and I don’t have to connect through a different country!


Yes I am happy!!! Finaly i can c israel and arab countries actually have peace and not fight!!

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This is just Amazing news!

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This is amazing news. It will create some more opportunity for some flights between Dubai and Israel. And even for El Al Virtual so that will be cool!

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Great read! Saw this in the news earlier and made me really happy. Peace is the goal!


Amazing 😀!

We couldn’t agree more. 😁

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Israel in the UAE have just announced that they will not be opening the air space to each other

Wait where does it say they’re not opening their airspace to each other? I thought it’s just Saudi Arabia’s airspace that’s the problem?

They don’t know if they’re opening the air space yet, that will be decided in the next few weeks to a few months, it’s most likely to happen at this point though

The biggest problem though, is Saudi Arabia. They will not allow El Al planes through them

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Maybe they would have a flight between Tel Aviv and Dubai as part of it like they did with Egypt and some UAE based airline would operate it, because I would imagine it would be much easier for them to get a permission from Saudi Arabia, as UAE and Saudi Arabia are quite friendly to each other and Saudi Arabia already allow flights to Israel by Air India to pass through it’s airspace.

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I knew about the whole airspace thing but I didn’t think it was to the point where Israelis couldn’t go in to the UAE. This is a huge deal!

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