Israel Air Force F-35I

The F-35I Adir (Hebrew: אדיר, meaning “Awesome”, or "Mighty One is an F-35A with unique Israeli modifications. The US initially refused to allow such changes before permitting Israel to integrate its own electronic warfare systems, including sensors and countermeasures. The main computer has a plug-and-play function for add-on systems; proposals include an external jamming pod, and new Israeli air-to-air missiles and guided bombs in the internal weapon bays.A senior IAF official said that the F-35’s stealth may be partly overcome within 10 years despite a 30 to 40 year service life, thus Israel’s insistence on using their own electronic warfare systems. [Israel Aerospace Industries](Israel_Aerospace_Industries (IAI has considered a two-seat F-35 concept; an IAI executive noted: “There is a known demand for two seats not only from Israel but from other air forces”.[306] IAI plans to produce conformal fuel tanks.

What will be different in infinite flight with this model? Please describe

I think the F-35 will be nice because is a very special jet
it is look very nice and many peoples want this plane in the game

Length is 15.7 meters
Height 4.3 meters
Wingspan 10.7 meters
Wing area 42.7 square meters
Empty weight 13.3 tons
Loaded weight 22.5 tons
Weight of maximum appearance 31.8 tons

Maximum speed over 1.6 Mach [2] (1,960 km / h)
Confidential suction rate
Maximum flight range 2,220 km (without external fuel tanks)
Sage rum 60,000 feet (18.3 km)
Wing load 526 kg / sqm
Thrust up to 43,000 pounds

And you ask what makes it different from the F-35A
It has Israeli technology that make him better and some times the Israel Air Force puts on him armor that created in Israel like special missiles