Israel Air Force F-15AI

The F-15 is an amazing plane and most new F-15 is the F-15AI so think how it will be to fly this plane

This is a duplicate:


This is actually a special case where it is fine to have this up. Seeing as that requests the main variants of the F-15. This is a special variant made for the IDF (Israeli Defence Force)

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There you go.

I could see this being an okay request. Same as requesting different variants of the F35

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Oh you just edited that in, I didn’t see it at first.

You would be correct.

However, you should add much more detail to your post! Including specifics and performance about the request. Not just a picture. What makes it different??

Also vote for your own!

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I really love the F-15’s, F-35’s but you must really state the specifics and the differences to the previous or original F-35 II Fighter Jet.

You have made another topic before so you should avoid posting every variant of the fighter jet to avoid spam and just stick to the original one. Your previous topic: Israel Air Force F-35I.

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This feature request is for an F-15.

Great idea, you have my vote!

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You kinda confused everyone… he posted about the 15, not the 35…

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Why is this site ‘over modded’ so much?!

image yes please vote love the Israeli F-15 beautiful liveries