ISP-FLL on Southwest Airlines!

Today, I flew to FLL on none other than Southwest! Hope you enjoy some pics from this trip.

My aircraft, N8626B, a 3.5 year old Boeing 737-800

Ground crew hard at work

I thought this was my bag being loaded in, but when I got a closer look it wasn’t.

Sheldon the Sea Turtle smoking the mains landing on runway 24 from Atlanta

Perhaps my favorite part of the airport

I wonder what would happen if something hit the tail… would it leave a dent or would it break the glass and all the water (Sheldon included) would pour out?

Offloading passengers and bags, and getting ready for it’s return flight to Atlanta

Pilot doing the walk-around check! (Poor quality as it is a screenshot from a Snapchat video I took)

Southwest 737-700 taxiing past from Orlando

Another shot because why not

Engine closeup!

Time to head back to Concourse A, my flight was going to board shortly!

Crowded terminal

Peeking out over a gate

Baby -700 getting loaded up with fuel, bags, and all that good stuff for Baltimore

Boarding my plane!

My seat, 8F (took this picture after we landed). For a very-close-to-full flight and an A53 boarding pass, I scored a pretty good seat!

Just can’t seem to get enough of this turtle!

2-3 minutes after takeoff, turning southbound over an inlet. I didn’t take too many pictures on the climb out, as I filmed the takeoff and was just enjoying the view outside after that!

Over Smith Point beach

2 different shades of water color!

Passing in between 2 cloud layers. I took a really cool video of the clouds racing below us, it was amazing!!


Cruising at FL360 over rural Delaware

Came pretty close to a JetBlue A321. He emerged from behind our engine. I scrambled to get my camera and the zoom lens!

Look how close he was. He was even closer before that!

Flying over Norfolk/Virginia Beach

Cloud rows over North Carolina

I just LUV Southwest

In a World Full of No, We’re a Plane Full of Yes! I highly recommend those Belvita cranberry orange cookies. 😍😍

Beginning our descent!

Who can guess the airport?

Entering the left downwind for 10L at FLL

BB&T Center in Sunrise, where the Florida Panthers (NHL team) play

Pulled into gate B2! As we were pulling into the gate, I saw the reflection of a Delta 757-200 taking off. The way it graciously climbed into the sky and the wavy reflection moving across the windows was beautiful!

Total Flying Time: 2 hours 28 minutes

Cameras used: Canon Rebel t6i, 18-55MM and 75-300MM lens, iPhone 6

Thanks for browsing through the whole thing! Which picture(s) was your favorite?


Were any pictures above the pictures from outside of your plane?

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Man great pictures! I love Southwest. Best airline there is!


Besides the ones taken inside the terminal, I didn’t take any pictures from outside the plane.

That is none other than KPBI


thats a very cool flight story!! nice sharing!!

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I particularly like the photo with the reflection of your aircraft. Very beautiful!

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You should give it a high five or high fin, might get arrested for running out on the tarmac though.

Looks like Palm Beach. The Mar A Lago (where Trump stays on the weekends) is in view. I can also see the condo I was in when I stayed there last year for spring break.

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Nice pictures! The airport was Palm Beach Intl- KPBI. I’ve flown to both FLL and PBI many times in my life. The one thing that I don’t get is that FLL is a much bigger airport- more gates, more traffic, longer runways (kinda), but KFLL is a class Charlie (at least in IF) and KPBI is a Bravo. Anyone know why?

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Ha I love the cookies they have, until you forgot about them and a week later you find them crushed in your backpack.

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Well, this is just amazing Rocco! Did you visit the cockpit?

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I believe I saw your plane land at KPIT! Sorry you can’t see the Reg in the picture but I keep a list on the notes app of what Reg each pic is… And some of the edges are a bit weird, the HDR does weird things, but not that much on this one…


same!!! I’m going to MCO from BDL this summer. Hope its a -800 pr MAX8.

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I was there spotting at that time because I did catch that Delta 757. I see it everytime I go spotting so it’s nothing special to me.

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FLL has multiple 757’s there a day. Were you there at 2:00 PM? My plane touched down at 2:02 PM

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Nope, I wanted to but the pilots seemed busy.

Here’s the takeoff video. Make sure to turn your volume up!

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Oh no, I was there around 5pm that day.

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