ISO a group to fly with.


The title says it all. Im new to the game, i know the basics of flight etc due to being an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force. Im currently flying in the training server cause thats all I have access to. Want to fly with more experienced players to help further my knowledge. Thanks in advance and i look forward to flying with you all.


Welcome to IF! Let me know how we can help man!

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Welcome aboard!

Don’t forget to check out the tutorials section of the forum to give you hints and tips to improve your flying!

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Thanks i actually watched alot of them last night still need to watch some more.

Welcome, great to have you with us. If you ever need help with anything I’m always here so don’t be afraid to PM me, no question is stupid.

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Hey man welcome! :)
You could make a #live:groupflights and fly with other people. If you have any questions please send a PM, I would love to fly with you.

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