Isn’t this wrong?

Hi there!!!

I was landing at hkjk and noticed this…

Look at the landing runway on D-ATIS

Now look here…

Approach gave me vectors but as you can see we should be landing at 24

You will probably circle around the airport, as all the other traffic is landing at 06. Also, runway changes are hell in hubs, so it would only be changed if it’s really really bad


Why do you think you should be landing at 24? If it is because of the winds, winds below 10 knots doesn’t cause a runway change.

Here is the controller

PM the controllers please. They’ll most likely explain it all. @Maxim @MJMN

Ahhh,I didn’t know that, this can be closed

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You can contact @Maxim, but I still don’t understand why you think you should be landing at 24 🤔

Please send a message to the controllers, or feel free to send a PM to moderators if you’re unable to sort out the runway directions with them. Thanks!

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