Isn’t this annoying?

When you have almost all the qualifications for another Trust Level or Grade but the last one is really annoying!!! For me it’s having 20 topics to be TL2…


Then don’t go on making usless topics such as this one to achieve TL2. Be a positive member to our Community and participate in civilized discussion and you will get there eventually. This is not the way to get to it, at this rate you will be locked at TL1 for good or even worse. Do yourself a favor. ;)

Read our Community Guidelines, it has a ton of info of what is and is not tolerated in our community. This is not a chatroom, for that you have Social Media. This is a Forum where IF enthusiasts and Aviation Lovers alike get along to discuss about what we hold dear which is Aviation.

If you’re having trouble with the Trust Level system here than I suggest reading this post made by one of our Forum Managers… Why have I not reached TL* yet?

Trust Level’s aren’t anything, Trust Levels do not prevent me from partaking in a mature discussion with other’s, it does not prevent me from adding substance to this community.

Don’t put TL2 as a roadblock to do awesome things, just start doing them now.



You don’t need to make topics for no reason so please don’t do so.

Doing this sort of thing will prevent you from reaching that if the moderators see you doing this often as it’s against the guidelines.


I’m going grab popcorn and watch this post


Sorry… I have a problem with patience…

Having patience is one the most important things on life and if you are able to master it, you’ll notice that in the long run, everything is worthwhile the wait :)

Do as my fellow Regulars said above and learn to be patient, and when the time is right you’ll be TL2, but to get there you’ll have to be contributing in a positive and mature manner.


Chill bro, its not you job or place to call him out let a actual mod do it


I don’t need a Title and a Shield to help others do the right things on here. I was not calling him out, I was simply helping him so he can get to his goal. Someone has to do it, I saw that he was doing something wrong and I tried correcting him.

Is it my Job or Place? No, neither is it yours or no one else who posted on this thread either. But the fact that they want to help an inexperienced member of our forums out, that is what makes the community great because you have everyone from all corners of the Earth helping you.

Don’t you ever type like that to me, or anyone else here ever again. Do yourself a favor.



You don’t become TL2 by making tons of topics. Posting constructive threads and being a good member to the community will help your chances. Posting random topics just to post them won’t help and these kinds of posts will certainly not help.


He wasn’t calling him out lol He was explaining how making useless topics won’t help.

How is this post “Useless”

  1. It doesn’t contribute to the community, It doesn’t support, build, information the group

  2. it’s a complaint, while I believe FDS supports complaints this really has nothing to do with IF nor the IFC.


We all guiding and giving him a nice push in the right direction that’s all :)

Hoping to help him reach TL2. But first he has to learn what he has done wrong and then from that point move on, forward doing what’s right.


It took me about 6 months to become TL2. Just make really helpful or informational topics and you will get there. I promise.

Safe flying,



Don’t stress. Everything takes time in IFC so I wouldn’t worry because you would get the qualification someday. I mean…i’ve been through a lot but…(never will be finished)


Yes, it can be annoying knowing how far you are from the next level. Much like the grade levels in the sim, trust levels are earned through partiticpation and quality posts.

Additionally, not every discourse community has the same limits for trust levels. Discourse may publish their requirements but that doesn’t mean that those same requirements applies to our comminity. (hint, hint)