Isn’t there more items


Isn’t there supposed to be global server and one or two other things here?

Give it some time to load them.

It’s been like 5 minutes and it’s never happened before

I’m kinda thinking it has to do with the weather problem but not sure

Try loading into the game again.

I’ve done that

Let’s wait for a mod

Let me see if it appears on mine, what server?

Expert server

Okay thanks, I will report back in a minute.

image image

It happened again on the third try and I waited and it appeared after moving the camera around and pausing the game. But the game should still be fine to play.

The game is fine I’ve just been doing touch n goes waiting for them to fix the problem with the weather and noticed it.

Well the weathers not going to be fixed for a while by the sounds of it. If your game is running fine then I would suggest going on with your flying plans for today.

O like things to be realistic so I’ve just been doing touch n goes but that’s another story

I know but the weathers not going to be fixed for a few days or longer as stated by Schyllberg, it may be fixed in the next couple of days but who knows. You have also probably flown tens of hundreds of times with the global server not being there. This could be related to the winds aloft issues but from past experiences you should be fine.

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