Island Hopping?

As part of my 737’s Around the World Series, one of my flights takes me to a place that I have heard of, but not once laid my eyes o! such a jewel, until today. This marvel’s name is Fiji. It is a island country North of New Zealand, and is possibly one of the best locations in the entire Pacific.
This leg of my series took me from Nadi to Honolulu with Fiji Airways. This, believe it or not, is a real route flown by the 737-700/800. I flew it in the 737-700.


Nice shots! Loving the scenery!😀😎

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Fiji, man. Can’t beat it.

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one of my personal favorite picture…

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Its possibly one of my favourite places to fly now. The only thing that really made the route so amazing was the departure from Fiji, and the awesome approach into PHNL, the cruise is pretty boring, its just a vast blue.
I still am surprised that this route is operated by a 737-700. Consider this. You’re around halfway through the flight, and suddenly you get any kind of serious emergency. You have 4 options. 1, You can either *divert to Kiribati, 2, continue on to Honolulu, 3, Continue to Honolulu but divert to a smaller airport such as Hilo, 4, Turn back to Fiji. Your best option would possibly be to divert to Kiribati, yet, thats till around a 1200NM diversion. Now, think about this. If you suffered an engine failure, you’d have to fly 1200NM to Kiribati, with one engine.

*A few days ago this exact flight infact diverted to Kiribati due to a loss of cabin pressurization.