Island Hopping to Bora Bora

Good Day IFC! For this summer I set a goal for my self to fly to places I would not usually fly to in Infinite Flight. Today I did a short, small, island hopping trip in the French Polynesian area. I had a blast and I hope you enjoy these photos!

Server: Expert
time: Monday, May 30th 19:28z to Monday May 30th 20:57z
Route: Moorea Temea (NTTM) —> Hauhine Fare (NTTH) —> Bora Bora (NTTB)
Flight Time: 47 minutes

1.Pre flight at Moorea Temea

2.Lift off!

3. Departing the island

4. Banking towards Hauhine Fare

5. Moments Before touch down at Hauhine Fare

6. Parked at Hauhine Fare

7. Departing Hauhine headed for Bora Bora

8. Areal tour of some Islands prior to decent

9. Touch down at Bora Bora!

10. Parked

If anyone knows of places with cool sceneries, airports with interesting approaches departures, locations, etc. Please do let me know, I’d be excited to continue to discover and explore unique and cool places!

Thanks so much for viewing, have a great day! :)


That bora bora reminded me of that one swiss001 video

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I Love the shots! Great Job!☺


Nice collection of photos.

Dad Joke Alert

I want to go to Bora Bora… But I’m poora poora


Hahahah that’s a good one
Ngl Bora Bora looks like a cool place to visit IRL

did you use the drone camera to position inside the tug?

Amazing photos!

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@TS787 yup I did

@YC-International thanks!

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Beautiful photos!

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