Island Hopping the Nagasaki Islands (Japan)

Island Hopping the Nagasaki Islands (Japan)

A while ago I flew from Fukue, an airport serving the Goto Islands in Nagasaki to Fukuoka (another prefecture). From there flew to Tsushima, another island of Nagasaki. Both Goto and Tsushima are islands of Nagasaki prefecture. Here is a bit about them:

Goto Islands (五島列島)

Goto is made up of 5 main islands (Nakadori Island “中通島”、Wakamatsu Island “若松島”, Narushima “奈留島”, Hisaka Island “久賀島”, and Fukue Island “福江島” also the island I took off from) but has over 140 different islands, stretching up to 80 km. The islands have a population of 70,000 residents. Some of the nature in Goto is classified as one of the Saikai National Park. The island’s main industry is fishing, with also being a tourist destinations offering rich history and natural beauties.

Tsushima (対馬)

Tsushima is an island that’s home to about 30,000 inhabitants. The island was also a gateway for Eurasian culture trade. Since the island is only about 50 km from Korea, the island gets many tourists from Korea As well as having a rich history between each other. Tsushima has a rich culture dating back to the Neolithic Period.

Flight Information

Aircraft ANA Bombardier Dash-8 Q400






RJFE-RJFF: 17000ft

RJFF-RJDT: 12000ft

Duration: Both routes take a bit more than 30 minutes




Appreciate it if you fly this route, all of the flight information is the most accurate I can do.


Warning: I just started figuring out photo editing so please leave feedback, much appreciated.

Leg 1 - Fukue, Goto to Fukuoka (ANA4692)

Departing Fukue Airport

An overview of Goto Island

Nagasaki Prefecture

Landing at Fukuoka

Leg 2 - Fukuoka to Tsushima (ANA4933)

“ANA4933 cleared for takeoff runway 16”

Off to Tsushima!

The beautiful cityscape of Fukuoka

Approaching Tsushima

Touchdown at Tsushima

Look at the Dash-8 Q-400…

Thank you for your time!


That are really great pictures!

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Thank you very much

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Dash 8 is perfect for island hopping, nice pics


Yep, I feel like I should do more of these, really fun

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nice pictures. Might go check those places out in the TBM:)

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You should, it’s nice to see these parts of Japan

These are extraordinary! The 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th and 10th pictures look so realistic!

Also, I appreciate the detail of Your post!

Good job on everything, I will fly this route in the near future.

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This puts a smile on my face

Japan is amazing and so rarely found in the IFATC schedule <3.

Check out my trip report to Naha, too, and thanks for sharing!


@anon45500775. MaxSez: Thanks for the memory. Flew out of Fatima (Okinawa)) with MAG-24 for a few years back in the day. Know the Reto Groups from the JP mainland to Taiwan regularly. Consider the region a little paradise with excellent flying Wx (except during Typhoon Season) and superb local full service aerodromes E/W. Fly IF in the region regularly, be lookin for ya! マックス

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I agree, it’s paradise

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Beautiful scenery, your editing was pretty good too.

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Thank you , I wasn’t sure if it was good or not

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Nice pictures! Love the amount of backstory you gave!

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Yeh, nobody really reads it thru

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Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you, Japan has a lot to offer

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Certainly has more to offer than I often think. Watched a IRL LH A360 approach to Haneda on youTube and the landscape was great as well. Should visit some time for sure!

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