Island Hopping in the Most Underrated Plane

I attended the Hilo Flyout hosted by @KBUR_Aviation and decided to take a few shots! I tried to make some good photos! Enjoy!


Aircraft: Boeing 717-200
Route: PHTO - PHNL
Server: Expert
Time: 2000Z November 1st

  1. Lining up while @Errigal is rotating

  1. This is why the 717 is one of my favorite planes!

  1. The Reef Visual

  1. @Errigal again, this time landing on 4R

Hope you liked these photos! How do you rate them?

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The question is, if the 717 is also regarding the physics and feel an underrated aircraft xD

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Great photos! That guy rotating in the Southwest plane looked very professional like yourself. Love it! I had a great time as well.


I mean it is not hard to rocket climb at 4000 fpm ;)


Lol, the landings are just as same as the takeoffs. A high VS. Fun fact @Pilot_Felix you can rocket ship the 757 😂


Love the photos! 717 is the most underrated aircraft in IF!

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Definitely Agreed!

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