Island Hopping in Hawaii

Hello guys,

Tomorrow I will be streaming at 2021-03-23T23:30:00Z2021-03-24T00:45:00Z. We will be doing some great island hopping in Hawaii with active ATC. Come swing by as I’m joined by @aabrams33 in the cockpit as first officer. This is going to differ from other infinite flight streams because we will be talking so I will put the link below and we plan to do a couple flights tomorrow night. You will learn about whats to come on the channel and maybe a special guest will drop in😮


Thx guys,

As always, see you in the skies



Hey! I wish you a nice stream,

if possible, put yout infos in the topic below, thanks

hope you guys have fun with your stream!

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As well, be sure to post these in #screenshots-and-videos, but only on the day of the stream.


Cool! What server will it be on?

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probably expert but if its too full we can do training but we have to start in training until about 7:30 est because im coming off a violation


The stream has been moved to 2021-03-23T23:30:00Z2021-03-24T00:45:00Z

It is one of the longest us domestic routes so lets do a vote

What plane should I use for PHNL-> KJFK
  • A350
  • 777

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I moved your poll to your stream topic. No need to create multiple advertisements for the stream.

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we are live in 27 minutes


and will be moved
stay tuned for more details

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