Island Hopping in Hawaii - The most fun I‘ve ever had in Infinite Flight

Today, I went island hopping properly for the first time. Normally I only fly airliners bigger than the CRJs, but today the addition of the new Mokulele Airlines livery on the Cessna C208 led me to try it out, and boy, it was such a great decision. All the following pictures are not edited.
What started as the plan to do one short hop ended in a multi-leg journey:

Hilo Intl‘ (PHTO) to Kahului (PHOG) to Lanai City (PHNY) to Honolulu (PHNL)
Mokulele Airlines 🌺
Cessna C208 Caravan
Total Air Time: 2:00hrs

All the flights I did were based on real world flights, and my first flight was 9X541 from Hilo Intl‘ to Kahului.

Following the real-world flight, I departed at 7:30am Hawaiian Time.

After making a 270 degree left turn, I turned the aircraft more or less parallel to the coastline.

About 20 minutes after, I am still following along the coast line of Hawai‘i island. The cruising altitude was 10,000ft and the cruise speed was 140KIAS.

After crossing the ocean in between Hawai‘i and Maui, I flew the ILS approach into Kahului (PHOG) and landed at the airport. Flying the C208 is so much more manual during landing and I love it! I miscalculated the distance I needed for breaking, so it was a rather close call with @LesterXavier who was flying pattern under the supervision of ATC @Pilot_B. Here I am parked at Mokulele‘s stands.

Because I absolutely adored the first flight, I was keen on continuing on. After looking around in IF which other airports existed around Hawaii, I decided to fly to Lanai City on the island of Lanai next. The beautiful small airport is located only a couple of miles southwest of Kahului and is another nicely done airport crafted by @DeerCrusher. Thanks for building all those cool airports!

Anyways, here I am departing in flight 9X750 out of the arguably most beautiful island in Hawaii, Maui. If you haven’t been there yet, go, it’s a must!

After a short 20 minute flight, cruising at 6,000ft, and a DME ARC approach, I landed in Lanai City. In the foreground you can see @CaptainBailey_T who came in from Honolulu. Those small island airports are so cool when they have lots of small commuter aircraft traffic!

At this point me and @CaptainBailey_T have started dming and we both were eager to continue flying. He decided to fly to Molokai (PHMK) next. Because I arrived much later than him, I departed a lot later than him as well - this time as 9X595 to Honolulu.
After another amazing hop to Honolulu, I came into landing on runway 4R. Thanks to the help of @Maxim I was able to execute a VOR approach, and on final I overflew @Jetz_NL who was holding short of runway 8R.

@CaptainBailey_T also landed in HNL shortly after me. I sadly parked at the wrong stands, but nevertheless, the island hopping adventure was a big success and I am sure I will do it again soon!

For everybody wishing to recreate Mokulele Airlines flights, beware that you’ll find the Mokulele Airlines C208 flights under the name of Southern Airways Express on FlightRadar24. Otherwise, you can also look for the registration of singular aircraft of Mokulele’s fleet.


Nice shots !


You’re welcome! Hawaii is a neat area indeed


You didn’t VFR this flight?

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Thank you! Glad you liked them!

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I thought about it but didn’t. Luckily the altitudes that Mokulele flies at (3,000ft to 10,000ft from what I can tell) are very similar to VFR altitudes and since I flew the approaches a lot by hand it was a good mix of IFR and “VFR” and the views were at least the as good!

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Thanks. Beautifully done! I love that Mokulele livery C208. Hawaii is one of my favorite flying spots in IF, almost always in the C208 or something smaller.

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Wonderful! I might like to try that l. If I do i will probably post it here. The mountains are great…even if not snow covered like Alps, etc…

is it just me or does everyone love mountains

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a series of island hops. Although I did take a 717 from HNL to LIH yesterday

It certainly is! Small aircraft open up even more airports which luckily also are 3D on Hawaii!

What is a DME ARC approach? Ive heard of them, but never done them.

Stunning photos though! I need to go island hopping in Hawaii soon!

I hope I used the right term…
Nevertheless, I meant this thingy which I think is called DME ARC

Source: (official government source)

But yeah, I flew one! I always love those even though it’s hard to always keep the right distance to the VOR. The satisfying circle part which you can then see on as a result is so rewarding.

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Hmm. I’ll have to read up on them! Thanks!!

Mountains do definitely diversify the scenery! I love them!