Island hopping ideas

Good day everyone,

for quite some time now I’ve been looking for some new stuff to do in IF like difficult / hard approches for example. But due to me having done most of them already I’m looking for something new.

My idea was some island hopping like the milkrun in Alaska or the UAL Guam route.

I’ve done both of them at least twice now though that’s why I’m asking you guys if you know any more similar routes.


I don’t know much about island hopping but try all of the Hawaii islands. There will be some amazing views and some difficult approaches. Choose a small airplane such as a Cessna 172 or maybe X-Cub?



The Scottish Islands just north of Inverness. You can use anything from a Caravan to an XCUB. You could also fly the shortest route in the world, Westray to Papa Westray


Maybe you can do some island hopping around the Ryukyu Islands in Southern Japan/China (just because they claim Diaoyutai).

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The canary islands? Maybe GCLA-GCHI-GCGM-GCTS-GCXO-GCLP-GCFV-GCRR in a C172 or Xcub

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Did I just hear island hopping?
Greece is your country, then. There’s no ILS, only visual approaches!

LGMK - Mykonos
LGIR - Heraklion
LGSM - Samos
LGZA - Zakynthos
LGKO - Kos
LGSR - Santorini
LGRP - Rhodes
LGSK - Skiathos
LGSA - Chania
… any many more!

Also you can sign up at this event to explore Greece with some traffic.


The best place to do them in Scottish Islands.


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You could try flying in French Guiana. The main airport would be Pape’ete and there are a lot of secondary airport around. The scenery is nice. You could also try flying in New Zealand, it not island hopping but there are a lot of airport and they are challenging plus the scenery is amazing.

You can fly to south-east asian countries like Indonesia, Philippines… there are a lot of routes you can choose. try flying RPVM-RTCP, RPVP-RPMV or WAMM-RPMD… idk these islands are a little big tho

You could try Seychelles - Praslin FSPP to Mahe Island FSIA visual approach runway 13 involves a near 90 degree turn on final approach

There is the United Airlines Island Hopper in the Pacific that goes from PHNL to PGUM. The route takes around 8 hours and the whole route is PHNL-PKMJ-PKWA-PTSA-PTPN-PTKK-PGUM. It’s operated on a 737-800

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Here’s an idea for island hopping in New England, USA!

Hop in a TBM and fly around some of the islands New England has to offer!
KPVD-KBID-KMVY-KACK-KBOS-KPVC-KBDL-KPVD (Any TBM)…maybe takes 3 hours or so and is a ton of fun with consecutive take offs and landings!

You could try it in a Caravan or 172, omitting certain airports, if you wish. It’s all up to you!

Caribbean island hopping would be cool. Going to st barths, and other remote island in a Cessna.

Flying around the Maldives is always fun and very scenic 👀

Hopping the pacific islands to Guam in a United 737-800

…or you can fly a jetblue ERJ 190 from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

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