Island hopping 201400ZDEC19 @TNCM

winter is coming, with the cold rain and snow. So I thought I’d organise some island hopping in the Carribean.

We will start at TNCM then fly to st Kitts, from there we will go to TFFR. After TFFR we will hop on to TFFF, from there we will go to TNCB then to TNCC and TNCA. And for the last hop TNCA-MYNN. After that we went through all the Carribean (I think)

Flight details

aircraft: TBM930
server: training
altitude: will differ (will send details in PM)
speed: M 0.65

Hope to see you there🛫

Anyone? Please?🥺

What time? And will you be making a FP? Do you know which will be departing runways?

Im interested dm me

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