Island Hopper

Hello! I decided to do United Airline’s island hopper route which is very unique and has some great views! Enjoy!

Flight time: 10 hours 19 minutes
Airline/Aircraft: United Airlines 737-800

Rotating out of beautiful Honolulu

Banking above the mountains of Honolulu

Approaching Majuro

First stop, Majuro!

(There are no photos of our landing at Bucholz Army Airfield because it is an active military base and photography is strictly prohibited)

Arriving at the tropical island of Kosrae

After a quick stop we took another short hop to Pohnpei

Approaching the beautiful Island of Chuuk

After another quick stop, we are off to our final destination of Guam

Hello Guam!


Very nice pictures!!


That is such a weird flight tbh but in IF it seems pretty normal considering that I flew 8000nm from KPDX-YBBN with stops in PHNL and NTAA using an A320.


thank you!

Yea it is a strange but interesting route. And yea thats cool, I’ve done some weird routes too lol. What was your flight time?

Did this once, it’s really fun!

Yea it really is! Quite unique :)

Ive been meaning to do this series of routes.


17hrs 56 minutes. But with a crash landing into YBBN because I didnt put in enough fuel to do the flight from NTAA which was unfortunate. I hope to (successfully) complete it soon. I’ve got the FPL on a note card if you want I can send you a picture of it. I can send it to you too @infinite_flyer_21 if you want to try the route.

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Oh big rip. Yea if you want to send that that’d be cool.

sure. im going portland today. so ill have to do it thursday

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I also decided to test out the Island Hopper before my Global subscription expired. However, I started from Guam, as I was gonna record it and upload it to my youtube channel.

If your curious to see how it came out, then check the playlist below.

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