Island Hopper Series Pt.1 (sponsored by Plane & Pilot) @ KLAX | 311700ZAUG19

Not long to go! Come get your gates!

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CANT wait for this, it seems like its going to be fun

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6 days to go!!!


This event is starting this Saturday! Grab your gates whilst you can!

Cants attend Baseball popped up 😐

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Unacceptable. I’m very dissatisfied by your commitment.

Just kidding, good luck with your match!!

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Gate 63 with the 777

Haha. Thanks I’m kinda mad. Probably not gonna be able to play since I hurt my back. But I still won’t be able to attend. Thanks tho

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I will like a gate plz I’ll be using the 737-900

@Nathan_Ramos I have you on gate 63, see you soon!

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Thank u can’t wait!

Hey, I might not able to do it. Sorry about that :/

This event is starting now! Please feel free to still join if you haven’t got a gate :)

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