Island Hop @ KLAX - 241600ZJAN16 [Closed]

Hi I’m back, and today I’m posting a event Rules and info will be right here
Place: Southern California KLAX To One of the islands
Time: Right Now
Plane: Passenger plane but if you do a millatary plane then you have to escoRt planes
Airline/Livery: Any
Server: Atc playground
ATC: Anyone can be the Atc but if you are one take at least one photo of a plane taking off and landing

that’s it if you need anymore onfo be sure to ask below
And before you join the event say your call sign and your username so I know that you will be there and you

Username:Klaidas Wikar
Idk why that’s my username but what eves

Right now it’s the 24th for me ;)

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Ok, and how can there be an Island hop at KLAX? The only islands are San Clemente and Catalina

Idk I never put that there someone else edited that there

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@Furtive_masstwofourf how would this be an island hop?

Well, what is it then? A hop can be a short flight… Destination A to B being a “short hop”

In this case you are going from one giant island to a small one!

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Yeah😂 A 10000 mile continent to San Clemente 😂

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is this stilll going on?

Please state if this event is closed or not …