Island bug @PHMK

I noticed a while ago that the molokai island isn’t a complete shape- see below
I’ve tried on both an iPad 6 and iPhone 7, and have noticed for maybe a month now.

  • IF 18.4.6793
  • iOS 11.4.1

this is more me reporting something, not a game breaker for me

Does this effect anyone else?

This is not a bug. The map doesn’t show detailed shapes of land masses simply to save performance. Most of the land masses are roughly sketched which looks good from afar, but not close.

I don’t understand what you’re getting at. The island while flying or looking at the spawn map?

While flying it’s good, but on the map as far zoomed out or zoomed in, you’ll only see one jagged line representing that island.

Its been like this for just about a year. If the developers were to detail every little feature out, our devices wouldn’t be able to run.


It’s intended that way as Nathan said :)

Oh ok, weird I’ve just noticed it now, anyway thanks for the help!