Island Air Website Feedback

On behalf of @Islandair

Please give feedback to their website

The Island Air Website

We now have an added feedback form and sign up form on our website.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Isn’t Island Air based in Hawaii?

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Yeh I think so but it’s a VA so…

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There was just a topic on this.

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I didn’t know I’ve been told to create these topics

That one was closed because the user who created it doesn’t have the TL required to post in #live:va

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I looked through a few things and it looks great!

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Thanks. I belive there are some new things coming on the routes page whenever @Islandair publishes them

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The new @Islandair website features for the routes page…

Your website isn’t working.

What do you mean??

I’ve just checked it is

Is it supposed to redirect me to weebly .com?

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The website is pretty bland, when you click on various things like routes it should change slightly and not have the same image of the Dash maybe a picture of routes on a map

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Yeh, I’m still working on it can anyone do that for me??

This is the image we need editing PM me if interested

Haha I can’t do that I’m to much of a noob, you need a expert 😂

Know anyone who can??

It’s alright, not too bad. However you need to proof read as there are several spelling and grammatical errors!