Island Air Virtual Looking For Staff & Pilots

Hi, everyone I am PilotGonzalez CEO of Island Air Virtual, I recently created this VA and am looking for staff that can allow Island Air Virtual to succeed, we have everything set-up from Crew Center to Website, as well as a Workspace. (No experience needed, but would be amazing)The current position that are open are

Airline Director:
Crew Center Manager:
HR Manager:

Our airline is currently in the progress of certification process

Pilots looking for a new VA that can allow you to explore destinations that you may have never thought of before, well you are in luck, any pilot that would like to join will get exclusive perks other pilots won’t after our certification process.

Please PM for any questions and if you are interested, please allow up to 1 day for response

Island Air Virtual
Flying with Aloha

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Great idea! But is the IFVARB Approved?

Posts like this belong in the prospective staff area. Only post there if you have been selected by a group for approval.
Via the reservation page you not in Stage 2 meaning you cannot post on the prospective VA thread yet.

Hey! As this is not an approved Virtual Airline, you are not allowed to post a topic about your Virtual Airline yet. But wait! Don’t down yourself! There is just a place to recruit staff and the IFC Police won’t come take it down! Check the link below! Great Luck, and don’t question on why I just said!

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This looks like a promising VA, please direct staff requests to this thread here as we aim to keep the forum tidy and allow prospective staff members to weigh up all options at once. Prospective VA Staff Request Thread - #9. Please also note that you cannot recruit pilots until fully approved by the IFVARB.

Good luck