Island Air Q-400 Ferry Flight In Progress

Who wouldn’t want to spend about 8.5 hours in a Q400. Flight is just about done. Aircraft is to be operated by Island Air based in Honolulu, HI.


I would gladly spend that much time flying. I love the Dash.


If you have never seen what they do to a plane that is being ferried, here is a good example. This is on one of Hawaiian Airlines 717-200’s Seats are stripped out and replaced with fuel tanks. Photo credit goes to the appropriate owner on this link.


Let’s hope that that plane doesn’t blow…

It would produce quite the mushroom cloud.


I would agree with…BOOM!

OH my God! Are you serious? Why do they operate flights that long?

It’s a ferry flight, they don’t usually operate it.

Does it contain pessengers?

The plane is being delivered

By another plane carrying it?

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Love this haha

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Ohhhh I know now. I got ya now haha!

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Maybe because it’s a noise box? Although I agree it is a great aircraft. And those extra fuel tanks are interesting.

That would be a long flight in a prop, would not want to be on it.

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