Island Air Closing Doors This Saturday

Another one bites the dust:

It’s another sad day in the aviation industry as another as an announcement from Island Air is making headlines in the State of Hawaii today. The second largest airline operating in the Pacific island chain will be flying its final flight this coming Saturday. I have flown on this airline numerous times when I lived in Hawaii, and they were the bargaining deal. They will surly be missed, with lots of personal memories. The link below has some good information and is a decent read.

The question now is what’s next for Hawaii? Hawaiian Airlines is currently and has been dominating the inter-island travel market. Some smaller companies such as Mokulele and Makani Kai, play a small share in the market for many years. Personally, with the latest announcement that Southwest Airlines made, I hope they see this as an opportunity to move in and show Hawaiian Airlines that there’s a new sheriff in town.

Most recently, if I recall Air Berlin & Monarch were the two most recent big names. Could this be a rise in maintence costs for aging aircraft that are killing these airlines? Fuel costs? With those things being said, what are your thoughts on why airlines are filing for bankruptcy?


Oh come on… Again? Really? When will they end?

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D= WHAT?! That’s the 3rd one this year: within the span of 1 month. Dang it!

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These airlines are dropping like flies, going to miss their livery for sure.

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What aircraft from Hawaiian Airlines currently serve the inter island routes, and did island air use the Q400?

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Island Air did use the Q400, and Hawaiian uses the B717 & ATR 72-400


Oh no how can this be happening! An absolutely terrible year for aviation - and I thought airlines were growing stronger after the dropping oil prices.


I remember when three major US airlines went out of service in a week

Oh seriously ? The third airline after Monarch and AirBerlin, all closed one month earlier from the other

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Profit margins were a recent source of discussion in my AT106 class. The airline industry is ranked as one of the top three global industries with the narrowest profit-to-cost percentages of any business, automobiles included. Fuel costs, slots, maintenance, etc all pile up and are contributing factors. With the recent slowdown and centralization of airlines, the market is being narrowed down to the air carriers who have been able to cut enough costs to survive. What it will portend is interesting to watch.


That’s a bummer. I’ve never flown Island Air but when I was in Hawaii I saw a few Island Air Q400s. Their airline really matched the landscape of Hawaii. That airline couldn’t be anywhere else but Hawaii. (Except maybe Tahiti)

aww, this sucks I flew them once, can’t say it was the best trip ever but i will miss them.
Is this the first airline bankruptcy in Hawaii since Aloha air?

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