Island Air Caribbean - Main Thread (New Discord!! / Looking for Alliance!!)

Welcome back to Island Air, those of you who have been on the forums for a while may have noticed that we vanished of the forum for a few months. This was due to technical issues for staff members and pilots. We have had to add a new website due to these technical issues.
Our Website
I am aware that the new website is not as good or as neat as the older one I am working on this.

CEO - @Josh_Mcmunn
Always hiring

If you would like to join us send a PM my way and I will sort it out.

Thanks for choosing Island Air Caribbean!!

Daily information will be put into the brackets


looks a nice website and routes, good luck!

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Thank you!!

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Best of luck from British Airways Virtual !

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Just thought Iā€™d put this back up in the forums for all to see

You know have the ability to book a flight with us check it out here:

Looking for an Alliance to join!! Send me deatails

We should alliance malev

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_witch is me _

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What please PM me

Sorry all for the confusion! We have a Discord chat for members not discourse (I got confused!) Sorry :(
We are still accepting aplications

Is Island air still active ?

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