Is Yoke On Infinite Flight?

I’ve been HOPING to get a Yoke for Christmas, I will use it for FSX but does it also work for Infinite Flight?

Merry Christmas!🎄


I have a joystick by the way…


Well, I will highly recomend you to pass through the #tutorials section, Im sure there is a topic opabout how to set Yokes in IF by LiveFlight Connect

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Yeah it will most likely work

Hmmm, good question, there is a quick guide on joysticks:

However there is no mention of Yokes such as a Saitek Based product, if it has the same connection disc as a USB then I don’t see why there would be a problem.

Many Thanks, Maks.

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What type

There is a forum saying which types work

I think logitech works if you use ipad and have a wireless keyboard and
plug it into the usb on the side of the keyboard

Check the forum

Anything on Infinite Flight’s controls tab… (yoke, throttle, rudder, etc…) is capable of being synced in that tutorial people linked for you. Give it a shot!

Christmas came late at my house but I’m pretty happy. I got a flight Stick X joystick for infinite flight❤️🎄.



Yeah it’ll probably work

Depends on the yoke type, but it will most likely work on IF.

This is the Yoke I got from Santa ;)

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I think I would do For Global flights Not Domestic.

I will confirm that my Yoke works on Infinite Flight, I tried it , the same way I do with joystick in it works!

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