Is YMML to KLAX supposed to be 11 hrs?

title says all. thanks in advance, I’m doing YMML to KLAX and ive been in air for 1 hr 40 mins and says i have 10 hs left

No, it should be 13 to 14.

Edit: QF94 tends to clock in at 14:45 to 15:30

Wind the amount of tailwind, yes, it’d make sense. I recently did NZAA-KJFK in 13 and a half.

So do winds affect that? I believe yes.

Yes. If you have a strong tailwind then you will fly faster because it ‘pushes’ your aircraft forward. If you have strong headwinds, you’ll fly slower as they’ll ‘push’ your aircraft back. What’s your cruising speed and aircraft?

Note the estimated time is given your present speed. It will change depending on winds and even if you are below 10k going slower.

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My recent (real life) flight YMML-KSFO was about 12.5 wheels up to wheels down, so that wouldn’t surprise me. Strong tailwinds over the Pacific.

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Indeed. My real life flight from YMML-KLAX back in April 2019 was 12:22.

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M.81 and B772ER

I would recommend M0:84 for 772 during long haul flight (:

You’re somewhere here so the actual flight will be longer, it’s just because ETE is calculated based on current speed.

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you found me?

no but if you’re an hour to three hours out of Melbourne bound for LAX that’s where you’re gonna be


time can change over the flight depending on wind

no it clocks in at around 14 hours but anywhere form 13-14 hours

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