Is WOW air still operating the A333?

So, since the new update I wanted to make a wow air A333 flight, I opened the FR and filtered and saw nothing. I’ve checked in the internet and all of the wow A333 registrations I found are grounded according to FR.
is wow air still flying the A333?


No they are currently not operating the A330-300

And why is that?

They had financial problems last year so they had to cut many destinations. The A330s were not needed anymore so they returned them to their lessor


And are they going to operate them again?

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Honestly i dont know

That is sucks, I’ve been waiting for the A333 wow livery and now this livery is kinda RIP

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Same goes with TF-BRO. The A320 WOW Air that we have in the game. Has been grounded since November

LOL weird registration

All WOW Air planes have family-related registrations such as TF-BRO, TF-SIS, TF-SON, TF-MOM etc. You should check it out


I know there is even TF-WOW

You can find all your information here🙂

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