Is windows phone ever gonna get a update?

Windows phone suck. That what cabe man said. Get real phone

Ok. I hope that this is productive unlike some of the posts above. Here is what Philippe has said about Windows phone update:


@Swang007 you might wanna check not_real or . profile out. He has a very interesting call sign

Yeah… Thanks

It can’t be any worse than reading (filler) at the end of each sentence.

There is no plan to update Windows Phone version at this point. Too many things changed between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 (and now Windows Phone 10) which would have been a huge task for us for a very small market compared to Android and iOS. As much as we hate to say this it just doesn’t make any business sense.

About Amazon release, it will be updated very soon.


Just curious, I know previous consensus is that is doesn’t make business sense to continue updating the Windows Mobile version, but if a Windows Store version comes to fruition, why not make it a Universal Windows App? Then us Windows 10 Mobile users could use it as well. I can see Infinite Flight running on my Lumia 950 via Continuum on the big screen AND using my yoke and rudder pedals connected to my Display Dock!

I am a 14 year old Windows Universal Platform developer, and I use 950XL