Is what I did in this scenario correct or was the ATC?

So, this is what happened.

I started my flight in KSAN, and while preparing my flight plan (in parking), ATC Ground said to me to taxi to runway 27. I knew, this as it was the only runway available. When I was still preparing my flight plan in parking, my ATC then said state intentions, which I said in fact to Taxi to runway 27. The ATC further stated that I (qantas 212 heavy) was to hold short runway 27. And then ATC said to change to KSAN tower, which I responded to, but did not change to the tower while I was still in parking. Finally, I requested to pushback, and everything went normally until I changed to Tower. (The person on Tower was the same as ground.)

I was holding short of runway 27, first in line, and the next plane to land (on runway 27) was 3000 feet high and on final. I requested to take off and runway 27, knowing that I probably had to wait for it to land though. After the plane landed, I waited several minutes (runway was clear) and the ATC said nothing to me. Then, the ATC authorised the person behind me in the queue to take of. The plane behind me went straight through me. I was really angered that the ATC could do this. At this, I requested to take off once the plane in front of me was gone. Then, the ATC asked the A380 behind me took off, but this pilot was relatively courteous and didn’t go through me. I asked the ATC one more time, and this is what the ATC said to me in this image:

Throughout this log(as seen), I was in the front of the queue at runway 27, and was not ghosted, had not moved and the only thing I did was speak to ATC.

I ask for future reference for what I did wrong (If anything) and how I could improve my flight.
If the ATC did anything wrong, I ask if you could say so when I am ATC I would not do this. (And if there is anyway to report the ATC.)


Can you state what server this happened on please?

ATC Play ground

If you want better ATC that know what they are doing go on advanced server, this is a server for people to train

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I’m not going to read this completely.

  • ATC shouldn’t have asked you for intentions if you already were instructed to taxi to Runway 27

  • Expect inexperienced users as ATC on the Playground Server

  • The ATC shouldn’t have told the aircraft 2nd in line to t/o

  • Playground ATC cannot ghost a user

I probably haven’t covered it completely, and it looks like you were correct.


Thanks for your response. Is there any website I can use to find rules for ATC.

It wasn’t you who messed up. This was ATC who messed up big time IMO. I could be wrong though


To me, it feels like the ATC was ignoring you…

This is very rude of the ATC to do that and I think you were correct! :)

Oh and I forgot to say something.

Welcome to playground!


Look for ‘Knowledge Base’ by scrolling down the page.

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Did you line up and wait on the runway?

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Yes I noticed that OP was asked to line up and wait first…but didn’t. That is probably why ATC asked him to follow instructions and check help pages.

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@QantasConcorde. Nate unfortunately there’s no recourse on the PG. Everyone there is in the learning mode. Just suck it up for the moment, get the Controllers name which is available in the airport Data block. PM the controller and lay out your gripe. There may have been a comm connect problem or he was just overwhelmed. If no comm address is listed for the Controller PM any IFATC Stupidadviser they’ll follow up. As for ATC guidance and commands see the ATC Topics in “Tutorials”. They’re authored by experts. Max

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That is Probably one of the problems

I could tell by the first lines, this is PG :p

If you are not on the same page with the ATC commands I recommend you looking for tutorials on here if not please contact me or a scouter. :)

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