Is voting in Features removed?

Hi Guys,

So while i was checking out the Features category, i found out that voting was removed and replaced with the likes, is there something i am missing out or is there something happening now on the go??


Still works for me. This might have something to do with the mobile version of discourse you are on.


The place to vote is above the title of the topic.

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It’s normal for me.


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Try refreshing browser.

The topic was originally in General so it may have gotten mixed up. Is it like this for just this feature request or all of them???


There isn’t supposed to be a “like” button for feature requests. That’s is what he is referring to. :) And the vote button is missing.

Ok so i restarted the device cuz the community was acting weird, although the Features now show votes, i still have tons of issues concerning this community, with the main one being that when you intend to touch for example a text to highlight, it will think that i touched the bar to change the category, its like wherever i touch, the website thinks i am touching something above (Get what i mean??)

Oh great, that’s back…
If anyone else on Android is getting “cursor misalignments”. Let us know :)

Not an iOS issue by the looks of it.


Nope, the issue occured for all other topics in features

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Ah. Seb will take the wheel from here ✌🏻

Tbh this issue was never fixed for me, but i didnt bother complaining

I regularly get ‘cursor misalignment’ and usually end up creating a new tab for IFC to fix it temporarily, but it still persists.

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