Is Variant or Livery more important?

Hi everyone!

I was wondering whether you think livery or variant of aircraft is more important when flying. For example when flying from KORD to LEBL, a route which is operated by American in a 788 irl would you …

  • Fly with an American 789
  • Fly with the generic/Boeing 788

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I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

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It feels weird using a generic livery, it’s a psychological thing really.


Yeah I feel the same way


I always have the livery take priority over the aircraft variant


In my mind, how much difference is there between a B788 and a B789 other than the name. I always think it is good to show your airline in the livery so that if an aircraft is cleared to land and sees an american getting on the runway and hears “American … … clear for takeoff” without hearing the runway, they know to go around as that american is almost definitely cleared for takeoff. See my logic? Good.


Honestly, I think if the route was designed for the B788, I would use it. There could be a thousand reasons American doesn’t use the B789 (runway length, capacity, etc.)

But IMO, the livery doesn’t matter, but the aircraft does. It’s not like you can fly MCO to SEA nonstop with the XCub, right?

I would not fly the route at all. I try to fly routes where the livery/variant is in IF. I avoid flights like this.

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Well the 787-8 and 789 don’t have lots of differences apart from length and wing reinforcements etc so for this one, just use the AA 787-9 livery.

I prefer the livery over the variant. I did two flights today that are normally operated by an Ukraine International 737-800. We don’t have that in Infinite Flight, so I picked the 737-900 variant.

I try to always fly realistic routes. But when there’s no livery available or it’s not possible for a different reason, and I really want to do a specific route, I pick the Generic version or a GA plane.

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The generic livery is like a pet peeve of mine. I try to stay away from it as much as possible for some reason. I just don’t like it. Using a livery just makes it realistic. Although the only time I use a generic livery is for my VA and for the aircraft that don’t have our livery.

American 789 all the way👌

I wouldn’t fly the route. I always make sure I fly routes with the used aircraft and livery.

However if I was forced to do this route, I would do the 788 with the generic livery. Aircraft always comes before the livery.

@Jack @Suhas

I normally wouldn’t fly a route like this either, but I’m doing it because I flew this route earlier this summer, and I like to simulate all of my travels


@snoman I feel ya!

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