Is university the way to go when becoming a pilot?

I really HATE when people say that ERAU is the “BEST” flight school. That is not true. All flight schools that are part 141 use the same training material with different modifications. So really, any flight school you go to will teach you the same thing to a certain area.

Embry riddle is overrated.

One of the things I like about them though is their fleet. Unless, you show up for a flight lesson one day and see this…



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Finally. Someone agrees with me on that

No, all flight schools aren’t the same… Some are definitely much better than others. But yes it depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a small school with relatively few students in order to get a better educational support: don’t go to Oxford or CTC but to ATOs like ENAC (over 2 instructor per student).

If you’re looking for a cheap and yet recognized course, some flight schools will be more interesting for you (ENAC with its free course, Spanish and Northern Europe ATOs which are cheap as well…).

Now concerning the overall quality of the course, yes, some flight schools offer a much better course than others. You just need to check recruitment requirements for some airlines to see that:

What is the best for Australia?

I don’t know mate. That’s why Google is here!

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