Is university the way to go when becoming a pilot?

I understand that Air Force provides free training, but I don’t want to join the Air Force as I may be called for duty.

Is university still a good option?


Depends on where you live. In the States, I think the university is the way to go (@Heavydriver). In Europe, ATOs are the way to go.


Depends. Do you mean going to university to get an aviation related degree or just going period?


The university I’m hoping to attend offers a BAv (Bachelor of Aviation) at the end of the course as well as a PPL and possibly a CPL. Flight training is also included.


I´m planning to go to university to do HIstory or computer science. You´re a lot more employable if you go to university, as many people have a degree.


If you live in the U.S probably the best university to go to is Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. They offer tons of degrees in aviation. To become a professional pilot you would want to take the Aeronautical Science course.


This topic has some good info on some universities you could go to (to) get your degree. The thing with ERAU is, it’s on the pricier side :).


Some universities offer programs that offers your a ppl, and a cpl with a bachelors degree. It will run you a bit expensive though. I would definitely recommend the university route if you don’t want to go the air force route or anyother program ;)

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Beware of the cost. University aviation programs are usually excellent in the sense that you complete your bachelors degree as well as a few licenses. In the United States it is widely accepted that a bachelors degree is necessary to be competitive in the ATP job market. With some of the regional airlines aggressively recruiting new pilots I have heard that is is very possible to get hired without the college degree. Progression to captain or to the major airlines may be inhibited without the degree. The best advice that I’ve received is that the airlines expect you to have advanced education, not necessarily in an aviation related field. Like I mentioned previously the aviation degrees can be very expensive because of the nature of the education that you’re receiving, i.e. flight training. Personally I would recommend a much more affordable bachelors degree in a useful field. This meets the hiring qualification and also sets you up with a fail safe in case something happens in your aviation career, such as losing your medical or being furloughed for an extended period of time. You can always complete your flight training and hours outside of school. If money isn’t an issue for you and you can avoid accepting loans, go for the university program route. Hope this is helpful to you.


My brother is graduating from there this weekend!


There’s many other great aviation schools besides Embry. There’s also schools that are ton less expensive

Yes but Embry Riddle is one of the most acredited schools

In Australia, Air force is easily the best option as you get free training and you get paid and if a flight school is to expensive. Apparently airlines will pick air force trained pilots over aviation school pilots pretty easily.

That’s where I want to go!✈️👍🏻😬😍🛬🛫

Not really. There’s many other schools that are well known. Everyone thinks that there’s only Embry

When I say acredited I mean like the FAA has allowed students attending that school to have 500 hours less for them to achieve their ATP, if you would like to continue this discussion please PM me, back on topic

Yeah. A normal ATP is 1500 hours and all FAA credited schools are 1,000 or also known as R-ATP. Henderson State as well as other schools are FAA credited schools like UND.

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By the year 2020, airlines will be desperate for looking for more pilots. There are a lot of them retiring. In 12 hours a pilot will retire. School is still a good way to become a pilot and have a good understanding in the field of Aviation. Embry Riddle, or Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana are probably the best.

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There also great many other universities that are aviation related. I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. It just depends on what your lokkkg for

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And unfortunately that comes with a price, literally. ERAU and Purdue’s tuition are very expensive, but awesome schools.

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