Is UDP "greeting" on port 15000 still valid?

Hi, from the docs :

Infinite Flight will broadcast UDP packets on port 15000 containing its own IP address and Port, as well as other information. Example message: ["State": Playing, "Port": 10111, "DeviceID": iPad7, "Aircraft": Cessna 172, "Version": 19.4.7354.25209, "DeviceName": Thomas’s iPad, "Addresses":("fe80::1c79:baf4:f9f1:dd59%3", ""), "Livery": Civil Air Patrol]

I can’t seem to receive anything for some reason, and connect is enabled in the settings.

Is this part of the api still valid?

Below a pic from xcode’s debugger


This hasn’t changed. Does an app restart not solve this?

Nope. So I’m doing something wrong. I’m listening to localhost on port 15000, is that the proper way?

It’s broadcast on port 15000 so it’s not on a specific address, I did this many years ago:

Stupid me! Thanks for the pointer, I think I can fix my mistake :)

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Just one last question (sorry) :

This is now working, and I’m receiving this :


I guess my version of IF is still on v1 api given that the port is 10111?

Yeah, the state API I mentioned is on the same address, just a different port (10112)

Ok thanks Cam, so I already have access to this api? (no need to be on a beta or something?)

It’s in 19.4 already so you have full access to it - sorry about the lack of docs though. Will work on that after this release (we’ve been getting our user guide website setup to have everything in one place)

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