Is this what training server is?

I was in Expert and then got reported for a not so good reason, not complaining. So i am in training server for a week and I was taxiing to runway 31L at Abu Dhabi. I see another plane taxiing and he then turns and is behind me, I then hear his him put more thrust into his engines and I knew what was happening. He just passes right threw me with no concern.

He could have kept taxiing straight but turns behind me.

He is then behind me and starts accelerating

He then decided to just taxi straight threw me

It didn’t affect me or my flight, I am not mad I am more disappointed. (This was with ATC as well)


Yeah that’s not untypical.

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If this is on training server I’m afraid to inform you not much can be done if anything at all. Sorry you experienced this! You shouldn’t have this happen when ATC is active when your back on the expert server.

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It’s not aggravating just strange and disappointing


Wait til you go to KLAX or EGLL lol


Can’t imagine this was 1 person imagine the 20+ people at those two

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Yeah it’s something you can expect on TS but at the same time it’s not necessary and it’s really annoying to those who actually want to Train and learn more about IF and Aviation.

Sorry to see this happen to you

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It doesn’t really affect me because I am just waiting my report out but some people might have gotten annoyed


And that’s been noted. I understand it can be quite annoying. A suggestion I can make to avoid this is to fly to smaller airports with less traffic to help boost your chances in avoiding this.


Gonna have to agree with asher. the three servers all have a purpose such as the Casual is for messing around or if you are just getting started, then the training is for testing out stuff like how to fly that specific plane or such and expert is for realism. there isn’t much anyone can do about that it’s just the way it is. Hope this helped see you in the skies soon! -Braden

Just saying, if you got reported for a bad reason, why don’t you try to appeal it?

Unfortunately, too many people treat the training server as the casual server nowadays.


@Jack, the OP is not complaining.

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I’m going to agree with this, however you can’t enforce realism in training server. That is why we have expert server though for the people who want to be realistic and worked hard for there status!

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Lol same, I get “Ungrounded” tomorrow😂😂😂

I see the reasoning on why I did get reported

Yes I know. I’m just saying that if he thinks he got reported for a bad reason, then he should try to appeal it.

That’s actually a good idea, especially if you can get a friend to do ATC for you

It wasn’t bad as much as it was preventable I was doing a flight with someone my game crashed so I got in a jet and flew close to them (we were communicating) but the ATC didn’t know, but I am fine with it

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this is a good idea

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