Is this what I need?

Is this what they mean by an OTG cord?

Infinite Flight does not come on a computer (:

Infinite flight doesn’t support PC first of all.

Oh ok lol but will this work?

What are you trying to do?

I’m trying to get a joystick

You can check to see what you need here.It does say in this post that you need an OTG so you do need it

Okay thank you! Have a great day/Night All!

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Make sure it has multiple input like stated

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Oh oh when I tap it it says something went wrong and shows a picture of a dog

When you tap what?

The “one” in there post

Wired.Let one of the mods or staff help you out

Alrighty then! Thanks for your help!

Sorry, but Apple does not work with joysticks via OTG cable

You HAVE TO download LiveFlight Connect on your Mac/PC to use the joystick


Oh ok that’s much better

It’s really easy to set up, see this:

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Thanks for your help everyone it was very helpful, Someone can close it now!

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