Is this VOR in Hawaii missaligned?

Also, is there a page in which I can find waypoints and VORs coordinates?

What do you mean?

I believe he thinks it’s misaligned as it’s not on any airway

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If it shouldn’t be placed where the airways divide.

Not neccisarily. Airways don’t always come together at a VOR but sometimes a VORTAC

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@Henrik any ideas?

Ok, I guess this can be closed now.

Is this the VOR we’re talking about?

@Swang007, the latitude / longitude might not be updated.

That one .

But in this case I guess it should be

Alright. Fixed via:

Should I keep searching for missing waypoints/VORs?
@Brandon_Sandstrom what’s the name of the page you’re showing there?

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That would be great! The navigation issue tracker is drying up.

Brandon’s picture is from ForeFlight.


Will do. Another reason for me to fly on Solo.

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Keep em coming

Apart from looking at charts, how should I know if something else is missing?

As you said, charts. That’s the only way.

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