Is this username inappropriate?

So I was doing a pattern at KSHC And saw this callsign:

I dont know if this guys callsign on departure is inappropriate or not. I just wanted to post this so that if it is it can be fixed.


Nah, that one isn’t that bad :)


I think it is, yes.
I see the words goddamit, jesus, and words related to this used frequently, and you do need to realise this can well be offensive to christians. We have people from many cultures and beliefs here and I suggest to avoid using names that offend anybody. It’s not hard, really…


How sensitive do you have to be to get offended by words like jesus or goddammit?
I don’t think those words are inappropiate at all.


I was there, I’m ETOILE.
To be honest when I looked at his callsign it didn’t trigger any part of me and I found it totally appropriate, he also respected the rules so I think he didn’t want to give bad appearance.

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Merriam-Webster classifies it as informal and impolite, not offensive or vulgar. So it’s okay.
We’re going with that :)