Is this turn ok for appr? What arrival should I use for Logan coming from Dubai?

Is this turn ok for my approach? What approach and arrival should I use for runway 22l heading into Boston?


I flown this before on a heavy and yes you should be ok :)

Ok. Just curious what was that route?

it depends, i always like to maintain 3000 feet before i enter the red glidepath. after crossing that, you can maintain a good approach speed, activate appr, then wait for the glideslope to come in view on the HUD.

Ok. Should I follow that same altitude of 4,000 at that turn or should I descend on my own won’t using vnav there? Is it ok to be higher than 3,000 before entering the red line?

yeah, you can be higher than 3000 feet upon entering the glidepath. its just that I like to maintain 3000 feet before the glidepath so i can just intercept the glideslope and not constantly change altitudes to meet the glideslope

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If I use that approach I would be fine then right?

yes, but you would have to meet the glideslope and descend pretty quickly

Are there any better approaches into Boston using that runway and that direction? If so, what are they?

not really, but you can switch runways to have a more suitable approach. just make sure it has good winds though

I believe it’s also k is. As ILS correct me if I wrong

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