Is this true?!

I just read a post where @Kevinsoto1502 said Laura said that AI was coming to solo! Can someone confirm this or tell me if its not going to happen! I neeeeeeed this now!!!

This doesn’t beat the point of live because if someone doesn’t have live (like me 😖 ) It is still realistic for them. Plus there is a difference between an actual people flying a plane in lbs live and AI in solo. You get that feeling that your actually flying with other people in live ya know? And solo wouldn’t have this! It just to make it better for people who can’t get live.

Thanks guys! 😄

Edit: thanks @Henrik :(

No need to make a new topic…

No. I just want to know. I want to see if the devs confirm this.

Oh ok… Sorry

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No its probably some misunderstanding or he is lying


It’s fine! 😄

Ye… @dush19 is probably right…

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i just wow just-_-.
It’s not coming never in a million years bud.

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It’s not true.