Is this the right way to do it?

If i want to push back in a light aircraft, there is most of the time no pushback button so i turn hardly to the right and make a 180, but is this the propper way to do it? If not please do give me the propper way to do it so i can improve my realistic flying 😀😉❤️❤️, Tim

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Hello, yes this is the correct procedure if you can’t pushback.
Note that the support category is only for actual issues with the sim though.


Oh ok sorry for putting it in the wrong category, but thank you for making it more clear 😀😉❤️❤️


Yep, if you’re in a light aircraft you’ll most likely be parked in a GA spot or at and FBO so you you’ll either be able to pull straight out or have room to make a turn. Just don’t whip the aircraft around too fast.

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To add on to what others have said, at an ATC controlled airport, in a non pushback capable aircraft, you just request taxi, instead of pushback first. Often even if you request pushback IFATC will just clear you to taxi in a light aircraft.

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You should spawn in at GA gates in a GA plane and usually you don’t need to push back from those.

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