Is this the end for the USAF T-38?

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Both Boeing and SAAB have won a contract to build the USAF’s next trainer, that will likely replace the aging T-38 fleet. As we say out with the old in with new. Full article at

Should the T-38s be replaced? Post your two cents bellow.


Just saw these a few weeks ago! Awsone planes!

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Yea super cool plane. Looks like an F-18 Engines from the back and an F-16 from the front. Nice trainer plane though


They use it for more I think too, like they do something with some bombing squadron to keep flight hours curent since B-52s are super expensive to fly. Actually a group of Pittsburgh natives does a flyover from that squad at every home opener for the Steelers…


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They are sure pretty aircrafts. I’ve never seen one in real life. Got to get that off of my bucket list!

Love the TX replacement. Looks so nice.

I agree with @Kevin_Potthast. The new TX is a welcome update to this training platform.

The TX will definitely be a great platform for the new generation pilots using her. Growing up with the T38s is just kind sad to see older generation aircraft fade out. More Nostalgia for me than anything.

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Well looks like SAAB wont be providing the USAF with a trainer but only Boeing.


Now the reason they are moving to the T-X is because the flight systems for it would be more appropriate for training future USAF pilots for the F-35 and the F-22. With the F-35 expected to be the primary aircraft of the USAF (lets not argue about it on this thread though), they need a new fleet that can cover the older aircraft like the F-15s/16s and train pilots for the F22s/35s

Aww, goodbye T-38, everything good must go I guess.

Also, SAAB is still around in the aviation Buisness? I thought they were bankrupted due to the Saab 2000 costs.

Yep! They still support the 340 but not the 20000s

I wasn’t aware, thanks for the update!

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My dad learned to fly the B-1 Bomber in these. Sad to see them go…

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I can’t disagree with you there. I have a few family members that flew the 38 in UPT, nothing but great stories

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Seeing them fly into KTIK back when I was stationed there was by far my favorite. Theres actually a nice static with the light blue camouflage pattern right across form the base20170703_100016

Photo is my own 😁

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