Is this the best A321 long haul flight?

Any flight on an A321 is amazing but behold one of the longest A321ceo routes in Europe.

Helsinki (HEL; EFHK) to Funchal (FNC; LPMA)
Operated by Finnair AY1731
A/C type Airbus A321-200(WL)
Cabin 209PAX (all economy)
Server: Expert
Flight time: 5h41’

x Big boy taking off with 7h worth of fuel on board, rotated around 154kts x

x Five hours later and a lot of tons lighter, preparing for the beautiful approach into Madeira’s 05 runway x

x 1500ft above sea level, see if you can spot the shadow! x

x Coming in a bit faster than I wanted, around 151kts so adjustments had to be made x

x Beautiful line up of aircraft that had just landed from France, the UK, Germany and Portugal x


I love the photos, and I spotted the shadow!

Great work keep it up!

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Looks like you had a great flight! Another great A321 flight is from Montreal to Basel with Air Transat, especially now since Basel has buildings! (The IF A321 can easily handle this flight). I’d suggest it if you’re into trying out something new!

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That’s cool and all but have you tried the 6 hour S7 A321 route from Novosibirsk - Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky? 👀
Stunning scenery all round, but especially on the arrival when flying over the Kamchatka Peninsula!


Nice shots I really like the filter

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Thanks guys, please drop more A321 route suggestions here - never too many!!