Is This Supposed to Be Like This?

I was flying a while ago (forgot when and where) and took a screen shot of this marking. Does anyone know if this is a bug or if not what it is?

It is just a white line with two yellow ones on either side.

I think that is just the hold short line for the runway

I thought so, but it looks different the all the others.

Yeah some of them are slightly different to others, I’m sure @Kilt_McHaggis or @dush19 can explain why

Okay, that makes sense

No need to tag them twice :)
There’s a high chance this has been fixed locally and will come in the next update. Let me know if it hasn’t changed when the Dash 8 update lands.

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Ok, sorry, I won’t.

This was all fixed shortly after the last update when the new lines were added. When the next update occurs you will see these fixed. Cameron’s team has been working very hard to get these fixes in place. Respectfully


Its fixed guys, don’t worry :)