Is this supported

Can I use this for Infinite flight?

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Yes. You’ll need an OTG cord.

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This joystick is a popular one for IF, as it is one of the cheapest.

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What do you mean OTG cord?

I don’t know what an OTG cord is… If you have an android you’ll need an adapter and if you have iOS, you will need a computer to run LiveFlight Connect so you can connect to the stick. I own a version of this stick and would rate it as meh… It’s kinda sticky… always. So you can’t do really precise maneuvers. I’d recommend the VKBSim Gladiator Mk. II as it is sleeeeeek.

Yes, you can definitely use this in IF, here’s one way you could do it as well.

  1. Download LiveFlight on your pc/Mac
  2. Turn on infinite flight connect in the settings section of the app
  3. After infinite flight is connected to your computer you can assign the controls by going to the control area of settings and reassigning the controls
  4. Enjoy Infinite flight with a joy stick!

Hopefully this could help, so long story short, yes it does work. This is also just one way you can connect it!

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